Short Term Insurance

Temporary Health Insurance Solutions

What is it?

Short-term health insurance is designed to fill gaps of time you may not have coverage. For example, you lose employer coverage and are waiting to get on Medicare. You can fill in this gap of time with a short-term health plan. Short term may also be a low-cost coverage for you if you’d like to have it year-round!

How does it work in Arizona?

With the recent change in law by the Trump administration, you can now stay on a short-term plan for up to 12 months in Arizona.

Why purchase short term over a Marketplace plan?

If you’re eligible for a short-term plan, it can be significantly cheaper than going through the marketplace. Especially if you’re not eligible for subsidies on the marketplace.


  • Affordability! These plans can be huge cost savers compared to other types of insurance.
  • Network – Large network of doctors.
  • Additional Benefits – It’s easy to add on additional coverages that work in tandem with your coverage. Like, accident coverage, hospital coverage, etc.


  • Underwriting- If you cannot pass the underwriting process you cannot obtain coverage through a short-term plan.
  • Limits – Short-term plans place limits on how much they’ll cover you throughout the life of the policy.
  • Limitation of Benefits – They do not cover certain conditions like pregnancy, mental health, chiropractic care, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limitations! You can enroll on a short-term plan year-round. In fact, a short term plan can start as soon as the next day in many cases!

No, short term plans will typically not cover anything pre-existing.

No, the individual mandate has been lowered to zero dollars starting in 2019.